Community Involvement

In 1943, the first Fashion Week was held in New York City. Twice a year, cities like New York, London, Milan and Paris come together to celebrate design and fashion. We would like to bring this same sense of city-wide celebration to Hartford. If you cannot be a sponsor, there are many other ways to contribute to this movement:

  • Window Displays

    Surpassed only by the winter holidays' windows, designers give the largest yearly budget for window displays to Fashion Week. Companies hire artists to build large scale, avant garde installations in their windows all over the world to display their excitement for and commitment to fashion week. If your store or restaurant has the window space, ask a local artist to design a fashion-themed window for you, or think one up yourself.

  • Promotional Posters

    If you have the space, consider purchasing a Hartford Fashion Week poster to display in your business. This will help reach out to your customers, and give this movement the community involvement it needs to thrive.

  • Host Theme Events

    This celebration should cover the city from Downtown to Frog Hollow and all in between. If you are interested in hosting a fashion week themed event, a meet and greet for designers or anything similar we would be happy to hear about it.

  • Buy Tickets

    There are multiple ticketing options for this event. If you are interested in a particular designer, buy tickets to their show. If you are a fashion lover, you can buy a weekend pass with a seat dedicated solely to you.

Fashion, like art, is often about new ideas and innovations. If you would like to participate in an idea listed above or if you have another way you would like to add to Hartford Fashion Week feel free to contact us at [email protected]